Learn about Coronary Atherosclerosis by clinical scientists and experts on this field on Sept 9th at Charité. Expect great talks! Funded by DFG – German Research Foundation.

“Improvement of automated coronary calcium scoring and reduction of labeling costs using multi-task deep learning.“ We are happy to announce that our dear colleague Bernhard

We are happy and proud to be considered the top publication in the cardiovascular imaging sector. The Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (SCCT) and Dr.

Today, we were happy to officially announce the grantees of our ESR Research Seed Grant 2022! @ProfDewey and @MarionSmits awarded the grant certificates this afternoon.

04.05.2022Cardiac CT is ready for use in stable chest pain in clinical practice. This is demonstrated by the DISCHARGE study in a Europe-wide project with

Congratulations to our Team member Nader. Magnetic resonance elastography combined with Dense U-net segmentation allows tabulation of quantitative imaging markers without manual analysis and independent of other MRI sequences and can thus contribute to PCa detection and classification.

The results of the 2022 ESR Electronic Elections are in! Congratulations to Andrea Rockall, Christian Loewe, Marion Smits and to our Prof. Marc Dewey on their new positions – Prof. Dewey was elected as the ESR Publications Committee Chair!

Philipp Karius, a member of our working group, has finished his dissertation. He examined in detail the relevance of extracardiac findings on Coronary CT. Its

We are pleased to announce the first successful completion of an MD/PhD dissertation in our working group by our long-standing member Benjamin Kendziora. The dissertation

Today it was the time to freshen up our rescuing skills. Alina, which happens to be a tutor of the Charité Promotionskolleg and also a first aid course