AG member Philipp Karius finished dissertation

Philipp Karius

Philipp Karius, a member of our working group, has finished his dissertation. He examined in detail the relevance of extracardiac findings on Coronary CT. Its structured analysis is beneficial in many instances. On the one hand it offers the possibility to detect acute extracardiac pathologies as well as early-stage cancer. On the other hand it can help to find the cause of chest pain when a significant Coronary Artery Disease is ruled out. Hence, paying attention to extracardiac findings on coronary CT can contribute to more efficiency in diagnosis and treatment. The research resulted in three scientific papers: one was published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (JCCT) and another two papers were published in European Radiology (EUR).

The thesis was awarded with “magna cum laude”. Philipp Karius would like to deeply thank his supervisor Prof. Dr. Marc Dewey as well as Felix C. Sokolowski and all members of the working group for the inspiration and the exciting time. Meanwhile Philipp Karius works in the Department of Radiology of the Städtische Klinikum Dessau.

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