Collaboarative Article released on “Audio-guided self-hypnosis for reduction of claustrophobia during MR imaging”

Great work by Dr. Adriane Napp and Torsten Diekhoff from our Department of Radiology as equal first authors in collaboration with amazing Olf Stoiber from Hypnovita (München). Special thanks also go to Judith Enders, Gerd Diederichs (Department of Radiology) and Peter Martus (Universitätsklinikum Tübingen). Their article “Audio-guided self-hypnosis for reduction of claustrophobia during MR imaging” has been published successfully on April 17th, 2021 by European Radiology. A summarizing podcast has been written by Torsten Diekhoff and an editorial about the topic in European Radiology.

About 10% of the patients undergoing MRI experience a claustrophobic event which is defined by the need for either sedation or other coping actions to complete the examination. Incomplete examinations due to claustrophobia are also regarded as an event. The use of audio-guided self-hypnosis enabled  the reduction of events by half. Thus, this approach is very promising to follow-up on for managing claustrophobia during MRI.

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Dr. Adriane Napp
Dr. Adriane Napp