Dissertations and Habilitations by AG members with Prof. Dewey as main supervisor:   

Academic degreeThesis titleDurationCurrent position
MDSarah Feger (2016): Patient satisfaction with coronary CT angiography, myocardial CT perfusion, myocardial perfusion MRI, SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging and conventional coronary angiography3 yearsRadiologist
Dr. Florian MichallesMDFlorian Michallek (2017): Fractal Analysis of the Ischemic Transition Region in Chronic Ischemic Heart Disease Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging3 yearsClinician scientist in our team
Adriane NappPhDAdriane Napp (2017): Analysis and Prediction of Claustrophobia during MR Imaging with the Claustrophobia Questionnaire: An Observational Prospective 18-month Single-Center Study of 6500 Patients5 yearsOncology research manager
MDElif Can (2017): Supervisors’ perspective on medical thesis projects and dropout rates: survey among thesis supervisors at a large German university hospital3 yearsClinician scientist
Malwina KaniewskaMDMalwina Kaniewska (2017): Noninvasive evaluation of global and regional left ventricular function using computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging: a meta-analysis3.5 yearsRadiology resident
Priv.-Doz.Elke Zimmermann (2017): Nicht invasive Diagnostik der Koronararterien mittels 320-Zeilen-Computertomographie Group leader in our team
MDFelix Sokolowski (2018): Extracardiac Findings at Cardiac MR Imaging: A Single-Center Retrospective Study over 14 Years3 yearsCardiology resident
Philipp KariusMDPhilip Karius (2018): Extracardiac findings on coronary computed tomography angiography in patients without significant coronary artery disease4 yearsRadiology resident
PhDSteffen Lukas (2019): Noise Reduction and Motion Elimination in 4D Myocardial Computed Tomography Perfusion (CTP) (Associate BIOQIC PhD student)4 yearsRadiomics postdoc in our team
MDRobert Haase (2021): Diagnosis of coronary artery disease using CTA in stable chest pain patients: individual patient data meta-analysis4 yearsCardiac surgery resident
MDDaniel Preuss (2021): Multisegmentale Rekonstruktion der CT-Perfusion zur Diagnostik der koronaren Herzkrankheit4.5 yearsRadiology resident
MD/PhDBenjamin Kendziora (2021): Nichtinvasive Bildgebung zur Diagnose der Koronaren Herzkrankheit und Quantifizierung des myokardialen Schadens nach akutem Herzinfarkt5 yearsClinician scientist
Priv.-Doz.Matthias Rief (2021): Perfusionsdiagnostik mit der Computertomographie zur Diagnostik der koronaren Herzkrankheit Group leader in our team
PhDAndreas Kofler (2021): Neural Networks-based Regularization for Inverse Problems in Medical Imaging (BIOQIC PhD student 1st cohort)3 yearsPostdoc at PTB
PhDNader Aldoj (2021): A 3D Multi-channel convolutional neural network for classification of prostate cancer on multi-parametric MR imaging (BIOQIC PhD student 1st cohort)3 yearsDeep learning postdoc in our team
Bernhard FöllmerPhDBernhard Föllmer (started in 2020): Automated Coronary Calcium Scoring from Cardiac CT with Explainable Machine Learning Methods (BIOQIC PhD student 2nd cohort)3 yearsOngoing
Federico BiavatiMD/PhDFederico Biavati (started in 2020): Quantifizierung des koronaren Kalzium-Scores als Prädiktor für das kardiovaskuläre Risiko (BIOQIC PhD student 2nd cohort)3 yearsOngoing