AG member Philipp Karius finished dissertation

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Philipp Karius, a member of our working group, has finished his dissertation. He examined in detail the relevance of extracardiac findings on Coronary CT. Its structured analysis is beneficial in many instances. On the one hand it offers the possibility … Continued

First MD/PhD Dissertation

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We are pleased to announce the first successful completion of an MD/PhD dissertation in our working group by our long-standing member Benjamin Kendziora. The dissertation deals with computed tomography for the diagnosis of coronary artery disease and magnetic resonance imaging … Continued

First Aid Course by Promotionskolleg member Alina

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Today it was the time to freshen up our rescuing skills. Alina, which happens to be a tutor of the Charité Promotionskolleg and also a first aid course instructor, reminded us on how to react properly in emergency situations, where every second counts! … Continued

Method for characterizing perfusion abnormalities by means of fractal analysis of the interface region

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Dr. Florian Michallek just released details of our patent on #fractal analysis of perfusion imaging based on self-similarities often found in nature. A great example is the romanesco broccoli also exhibiting scale-invariant self-similarity. We apply fractal analysis to #CT and #MRI. Read more: METHOD FOR CHARACTERIZING PERFUSION … Continued

Perspectives Meeting / Summer Excursion

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After such an incredible year, the whole working group was looking forward to joint activities again. Normally, the group presents interesting works, invites guests, but the global situation forced us to compress our activities and wait a little. Finally, the … Continued