Perspektivenmeeting 2023

The moment for our annual perspectives meeting has arrived, accompanied by delightful cake and obligatory coffee!

During our gathering, each participant had the opportunity to share updates on their ongoing projects or present new ideas. Collaboration and teamwork are always essential, which is why some presentations were conducted in tandem. After engaging in numerous conversations and fruitful discussions, we took a brief break to enjoy some delicious pizza. To conclude our perspectives meeting, we delved into what the future holds and pondered our individual paths towards 2030.

We experimented with a novel presentation technique during the meeting, and it turned out to be a great success. We would be thrilled to share this concept with you. It’s called the “Gl├╝ckskeksmethode” (Fortune Cookie Method), and here’s how it works: Before the meeting: Prepare pieces of paper containing various headlines, diagrams, pictures, short explanations, or anything else that allows for creativity. Bring these items with you to the meeting. During your presentation:

  1. Provide a brief introduction to your topic.
  2. Distribute the pieces of paper among the audience.
  3. Encourage the audience to discuss the information presented on the papers. As the presenter, you can participate in these discussions or simply listen.
  4. Conclude the discussions and display the different pieces of paper for everyone to see.
  5. Summarize the observations from the discussions and add any important information, if necessary.

This is where we get the inspiration from: