The moment for our annual perspectives meeting has arrived, accompanied by delightful cake and obligatory coffee! During our gathering, each participant had the opportunity to

The theme of this year‘s European Congress of Radiology was „The Cycle of Life“ pointing out the meaning of radiology to healthcare throughout the whole

The Dewey group went to the north, deep into nature and also into history, while visiting the famous Chorin Abbey. The Chorin Abbey (Kloster Chorin)

After such an incredible year, the whole working group was looking forward to joint activities again. Normally, the group presents interesting works, invites guests, but

On a very summery day in June, the Dewey workgroup started an excursion to the beginnings of the city of Berlin. But not without first

A sad update: We received very sad news regarding a person with whom we have very fond memories. Sven, the head chef of the Zander

The Dewey AG is not only researching the hottest topics of radiology, but we’re also curious explorers of our city and our neighbourhood of Prenzlauer

Many interesting presentations and guest speakers at our excursion. Some impressions attached