Cook and eat activity

A sad update:

We received very sad news regarding a person with whom we have very fond memories.

Sven, the head chef of the Zander Canteen, unfortunately passed away recently.
We are united not least by the memory of a wonderful team event and we remember with pleasure an extremely friendly character with great passion for his profession. Prof. Dewey acquaintance with Sven went even some time further back.

We mourn and keep you in good memory.

Original post:

What could be better than good food and great conversations with your favorite colleagues? That’s why the working group gathered to create a fabulous feast under the guidance of real professionals and gourmets, which you might not dare to do on your own. But as we all know, together we can do more, and so we were able to present our palates with exquisite homemade taste delights!

Many thanks to the team from! Thanks to your expert guidance we were able to have a delicious evening.