Summer excursion: Nikolaiviertel + coffee tasting

On a very summery day in June, the Dewey workgroup started an excursion to the beginnings of the city of Berlin. But not without first having an energizing espresso tasting. Wild Espresso Coffee from Punjab served as the starting signal for this excursion. Rolf Gänsrich, journalist, freelance author and connoisseur of Berlin’s history, guided us through the Nikolai Quarter, which belongs to the oldest core of the city and under which the roots of Berlin’s settlement lie. The tour ended with a visit to the old city wall of Berlin, whose remains from the 13th century are still partly preserved, and the imposing ruins of the Franciscan monastery church.

Thanks to all participants, we are looking forward to next year!

Group Dewey at the remains of the 13th century Berlin city wall