Method for characterizing perfusion abnormalities by means of fractal analysis of the interface region

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Dr. Florian Michallek just released details of our patent on #fractal analysis of perfusion imaging based on self-similarities often found in nature. A great example is the romanesco broccoli also exhibiting scale-invariant self-similarity. We apply fractal analysis to #CT and #MRI. Read more: METHOD FOR CHARACTERIZING PERFUSION … Continued

Perspectives Meeting / Summer Excursion

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After such an incredible year, the whole working group was looking forward to joint activities again. Normally, the group presents interesting works, invites guests, but the global situation forced us to compress our activities and wait a little. Finally, the … Continued

Prof. Dewey in the “Zeit Wissen” Podcast

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“Germany’s best-known university hospital is experimenting with hypnosis techniques. In the ZEIT WISSEN podcast, the doctors report on their initial findings.” Prof. Dewey in the “Zeit Wissen” Podcast about research on Hypnosis as a Anesthesia alternative. Read more: Hypnose: Hypnose statt … Continued

Artificial intelligence in radiology

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What do patients, doctors, radiographers and AI developers say? The answers are finally here, from our @BerlinUAlliance Project with @gersch_martin, Birgit Beck from @TUBerlin, Jenny Wesche form @FU_Berlin  and Annekatrin Hoppe from @HumboldtUni. Read more:

International stroke day

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On the occasion of the international stroke day, Dr. Eberhard Siebert from Neuroradiology has provided a blogpost about imaging and image-guided treatment for stroke patients and their relatives which can be found here in English and German. Further details are provided by @FairImaging.

Kids with heart diseases

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On the occasion of the international day of the heart-sick children, together with Professor Felix Berger as lead author, we have provided in an interdisciplinary team a blogpost for patients and their families with congenital heart disease which can be … Continued

How well is the heart perfused?

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Three-dimensional reconstruction of the blood vessels perfusing the heart muscle | © Nature Reviews Cardiology. Information generated about this interdisciplinary consensus on the diagnosis of myocardial ischemia for the public based on a publication of the QCI study group led by Charité in Nature … Continued