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2nd Quantitative Cardiovascular Imaging Meeting:
Coronary Artery Stenosis, Atherosclerosis, and Flow


What the 2nd QCI Meeting on 9. September 2022 is about:

Our Concept

A meeting of clinical and other scientific researchers from the field of quantitative cardiac imaging. Clinical and pioneer research perspectives will be presented side by side.

Our Topics

Coronary artery plaque and flow imaging will be covered by clinicians, scientists and technology developers.

Our Technologies

The following technologies will be discussed during the meeting: CT, MR, SPECT, PET, Echo, OCT, FFR.

2nd QCI Meeting Program

Consensus Meeting 
September 9th, 2022

Opening Lecture


Session 1
First Highlight Lecture

Moderator: Marc Dewey, Charité
Co-Moderator: Anja Hennemuth, Charité
Welcome – Marc Dewey, Hörsaal Innere Medizin Südflügel Lecture Hall, Sauerbruchweg 2, 10115 Berlin* 

Why do we Need Coronary Imaging?
Moderation: Marc Dewey 
9:05-9:15 Volkmar Falk
9:15-9:30 Discussion

Coronary Stenosis – Ruling out Coronary Obstructions

to DISCHARGE – Moderation: Marc Dewey
09:30-09:40 Udo Hoffmann
09:40-09:50 Discussion

CT Coronary Artery
Stenosis Imaging

MR Coronary Artery 
Stenosis Imaging


Coffee Break

Session 2
Second Highlight Lecture

CT Coronary Artery
Plaque Imaging- CACS

CT Coronary Artery
Plaque Imaging- Non-
calcified plaques

MRI Coronary Artery
Plaque Imaging

MRI Coronary Artery

Plaque Imaging

MRI Coronary Artery Plaque Imaging

Delphi Voting

Lunch Break
Three AI Keynote Lectures
Coffee Break

Session 3
Third Highlight Lecture
16:20 -16:30

16:30 -16:50

Snacks and Coffee to go

Clinical Imaging Perspective
Coronary stenosis imaging with CT
Hatem Alkadhi
Clinical coronary artery stenosis 
Reza Hajhosseiny
10:10 -10:20 Joint discussion
10:20 -10:40 

Coronary Plaques – Characterizing and
quantifying Coronary Atherosclerosis Coronary plaque Imaging 
Moderation: Marc Dewey

10:40-10:50 David Newby
10:50-11:00 Discussion

Clinical Imaging Perspective
Calcium score for prediction of clinical events – insights from SCAPIS
Ola Hjelmgren
Clinical identification of vulnerable plaque
Pál Maurovich-Horvat
Clinical identification of vulnerable 
Robert Manka
Clinical identification of inflammatory plaque
Marc R. Dweck
Clinical role in coronary artery plaque imaging
Ulf Landmesser 
Clinical role of perivascular inflammation markers
Armin Arbab-Zadeh
12:00-12:30 Joint discussion
12:30-13:00 Second Delphi Voting on Coronary Stenosis and Plaque for the 2nd QCI Technical and Clinical Consensus Statement, Moderation: Aldo Vázquez and Federico Biavati

Which Benefits Could AI Offer for Coronary Imaging?
14:00-14:10 Ivana Isgum
How to Avoid Biases in AI for Medical Imaging?
14:10-14:20 Daniel Rueckert
Why is Generalizability of AI for Cardiac Imaging Important?
14:20-14:30 Julia Schnabel
14:30-14:40 Joint discussion moderated by all three speakers
Coronary Flow – Understanding the Functional Implications
Coronary Flow Imaging
Moderation: Anja Hennemuth
15:00-15:10 Discussion

Clinical Imaging Perspective
Clinical role of coronary flow imaging
Aldo Vázquez
Implementing computed tomography fractional flow reserve into clinical practice
Jonathan Weir McCall
Clinical use of 4D coronary flow MRI
Matthias Stuber
Stress echocardiography for coronary flow reserve
Roxy Senior
Clinical relevance of coronary FFR
Jan Piek
16:00-16:20 Joint discussion
Definition of Possible Topics for the Coronary Flow Delphi Consensus in the Upcoming 3rd QCI Consensus Statement, Moderation: Marc Dewey

Second Voting Results on Coronary Stenosis and Atherosclerosis and Preparation of Third Voting, Moderation: Aldo Vázquez and Federico Biavati
Farewell Marc Dewey
17:00 -17:20

Frontier Research Perspective
Improving the efficiency of coronary CT for stenosis imaging
Damini Dey
Advanced coronary artery stenosis imaging and
future technical directions
Matthias Stuber (TBC)


Frontier Research Perspective
Automated coronary artery calcium scoring – insights from DISCHARGE
Bernhard Föllmer
Deep learning for high risk plaque features
Michelle Williams
3D imaging for coronary plaque
Sebastian Kozerke
Inflammation detection in coronary plaque
Thomas Derlin
What have we learned from optical coherence tomography?Giulio Guagliumi
Pericoronary fat attenuation index (FAI)
Keith Channon
Moderation: Anja Hennemuth

Frontier Research Perspective
The use of machine learning in FFR
Aadrian Coenen
Overcoming technical barriers to clinical implementation
Steffen Lukas
Technical improvements of 4D flow MRI:
Anja Hennemuth
Advancements to measure coronary flow reserve using ultrasound
Mengxing Tang
The advantages and disadvantages of FFR –
Tim van de Hoef


To register in order to attend the meeting, please send an email to

There is a fee to attend the meeting: €30 for students, €60 for residents and €90 for postgraduates.

The fee will be refunded to participants after attending the meeting.

Location & Contact

Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin - Institut für Radiologie, Charitéplatz 1, 10117 Berlin

Lecture Hall: Hörsaal Innere Medizin Südflügel - Sauerbruchweg 2


We are grateful to have some of the most influential and talented scientists in the field of quantitative cardiac imaging join us for our meetingsSpeakers of our 1. QCI meeting included:

Join us!

2nd QCI Meeting, 9. September 2022. Clinical vs. Pioneer Researchers on Quantitative Cardiac Imaging. At Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

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