With a nice pre-event, a lot of great talks and fruitful discussions the second Quantitative Cardiovascular Imaging Meeting was a huge success. We would like

Recently the ECR mobile video crew got a catch of Prof. Dewey, where he pointed out his view on the current state on clinical trials.

“Germany’s best-known university hospital is experimenting with hypnosis techniques. In the ZEIT WISSEN podcast, the doctors report on their initial findings.” Prof. Dewey in the

What do patients, doctors, radiographers and AI developers say? The answers are finally here, from our @BerlinUAlliance Project with @gersch_martin, Birgit Beck from @TUBerlin, Jenny Wesche form @FU_Berlin  and Annekatrin Hoppe from @HumboldtUni.

On the occasion of the international stroke day, Dr. Eberhard Siebert from Neuroradiology has provided a blogpost about imaging and image-guided treatment for stroke patients

On the occasion of the international day of the heart-sick children, together with Professor Felix Berger as lead author, we have provided in an interdisciplinary

Three-dimensional reconstruction of the blood vessels perfusing the heart muscle | © Nature Reviews Cardiology. Information generated about this interdisciplinary consensus on the diagnosis of myocardial ischemia

Diagnostic accuracy of coronary CT. Photo: Dewey/Charité

Coronary CT angiography generates thousands of X-ray images which are used to generate a 3D representation of the heart. This allows the visualization of narrowed

Screenshot of Youtube Video with Interview of Prof. Dewey