September 26, 2018

Andreas Kofler and Nader Aldoj gave great presentations during todays BIOQIC day at Charité. We wish them success with their upcoming developments!.


September 26, 2018

The 1-Week Cardiac CT Hands-on course” 2018.



August 1, 2018

Today, The Lancet publishes a short summary of Honorary Lecture held by Marc Dewey at ECR 2018 about value-based radiology and future of health care.




August 1, 2018

Congratulations to Professor Peter Scholze for being awarded the Fields Medal. Heinrich Hertz School rocks.







June 15, 2018

Very successful playful learning lecture about imaging for 3rd semester medical students by Dr. Diekhoff and Prof. Dewey. We will continue this and include the iGUIDE tool of the ESR.






Mai 8, 2018

scct 2018 abstract acceptance celebration by the following team members, from the left, Christian Wald, Nader Aldoj, Sepher Zagaran, Andreas Kofler, Maria Bosserdt, Marc Dewey




April 23, 2018

Adriane Elisabeth Napp has successfully completed her disputation on 23 April 2018 with the topic “Claustrophobia during MRI” with magna cum laude.

She thanks the entire team and her thesis supervisor, Prof. Marc Dewey, for the exciting time and great support.






March 19, 2018

Today, European Radiology published the first multicenter analysis from the COME-CCT Consortium online. Investigators from 65 institutions participated in this study which analysed the applicability and accuracy of clinical probability calculations for coronary artery disease and their impact in guidelines. The study is first authored by Robert Röhle and Viktoria Wieske from our team (please see picture on the left). Congratulations!






March 2, 2018

Today, the third Clinical Trials in Radiology session at ECR 2018 took place. The first two Clinical Trials in Radiology sessions took place already the last two days at the new Sky High Stage in Vienna. The focus of the Clinical Trials in Radiology session today were again large clinical trials, this time highlighting two tomography breast cancer screening trials from Scandinavia both including more than 10,000 patients (Malmö and Bergen), a subanalysis of the MR Clean Trial, the NU-AGE trial, a large trial on dose reduction in CT called Partnership for Dose including more than 1 million examinations, and the long-term results of the AMACING trial. The session was strengthened by six discussants who provided their perspective on the clinical implications of the trials and was moderated by the immediate past president of the RSNA Professor Richard L. Ehman and Professor Marc Dewey (please see picture on the left).


professor hamm and dewey



March 1, 2018

Professor Marc Dewey has presented today the Honorary Wilhelm-Conrad Röntgen Lecture entitled ‘Value-based imaging: the future is now! at the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna and received his certificate of appreciation by the President of the congress and European Society of Radiology, Professor Bernd Hamm (please see picture on the left).


February, 2018

Radiology has published in its current issue the multicenter study by Drs. Rief and Chen from our group and the NIH about quantitative myocardial perfusion imaging. The study was featured by being on the cover of Radiology (please see picture on the left) and a special report by Auntminnie.com.




February 5, 2018

Today, Tobias Penzkofer successfully completed his ‘ öffentlich wissenschaftlichen ‘

Vortrag as part of his habilitation about image-guided interventions

Congratulations from the entire team!


January 30, 2018

A new article written by Dr. Matthias Rief et al. has been published in European Radiology. It is about DNA double strands breaks in blood lympthocytes.

Please find a link to the article below:

DNA double strands breaks in blood lympthocytes.





January 24, 2018

Yesterday, four teams from the digital health accelerator and two start-ups from the Charite medical university have participated and presented their innovative ideas and solutions .

All the ideas were based on a variety of new methods such as new algorithms, sensor technology and big data analysis.

Prof. Marc Dewey (top picture) and Dr. Florian Michallek (bottom picture) have presented their digital health solutions in the Demo day organized by the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH).

For more information about the event, please check the link below. 

Six ideas for the medicine of tomorrow




January, 17 2018

During our working group meeting on February 7, 2018 Professor Laura Schreiber will give a highlight talk entitled ‘Ultrahighfield Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Heart’ from 2:30 PM until 3 PM. Please contact nader.aldoj@charite.de if you would like to participate.



January 5, 2018

We started the new year with a friendly dinner. the spirit was high and everyone from the group seems to be highly motivated to start the year and have a great time. 

dec 2017 16 times 9


December 4, 2017

Our 3rd whole-week cardiac CT hands-on course started today with 20 participants. We are offering cardiac CT hands-on courses since more than a decade and have extended our concept which has been published after successful evaluation to full-week courses with 100 cases with catheterization correlation. We’ll have our 4th whole-week cardiac CT hands-on course from September 24 until 28, 2018. Please contact us asap as the places are booking fast.





November 29, 2017

The technical innovation team has attended an intensive deep learning course (CoSIP Intense Course on Deep Learning) organized by TUB. The course was very informative and well organized




November 24, 2017

Today, Elke Zimmermann finished her habilitation about cardiac CT. Congratulations from the entire team!



November 7, 2017

Dr. Sarah Feger (second from right), Keno Bressem (left), and Dr. Florian Michallek (second from left) and presented results from the Digital Health Accelerator initiative of the Berlin Institute of Health for the group of Professor Dewey (right) at the Future Medicine Congress. All three presenters from our team received ginger hearts for their presentation. Congratulations!




November 4, 2017

Professor Dewey presented the results about contrast-induced acute kidney injury after intravenous versus intraarterial contrast agent at the oral High-Impact Clinical Trials session at Kidney Week of the American Society of Nephrology today. First press releases about this session can be found here medscape about study from charité



October 2, 2017

Today we started the Digital Health Accelerator at the working group of Professor Dewey. This initiative is funded by the Berlin Institute of Health. Further information can be found in the press release. Three new team members joined us today for the Digital Health Accelerator: Dr. Christian Wald, Orhan Konak, and Sepher Zargaran. Welcome!




September 20, 2017

The first quantitative cardiac imaging meeting was held today at Charité in Berlin. We had a wonderful multidisciplinary exchange about imaging of coronary atherosclerosis and myocardial perfusion. Please see the program here and more pictures on the this page




September 11, 2017

At the Peer Review Congress, Professor Dewey presented about the use of guidelines to improve the quality of reporting in Radiology today. The link to the talk can be found below at 41:30 min






September, 2017

Congratulations to Malwina Kaniewska who completed her dissertation with magna cum laude on June the 12th 2017. Malwina Kaniewska thanks the whole team and her thesis supervisior, Prof. Marc Dewey for their support


June, 2017
Nader Aldoj and Andreas Kofler joined our research team as PhD students in the BIOQIC program. They will both be working on deep learning techniques for image analysis. Welcome to our team!



April 26, 2017

The First German TV branch RBB was the first TV station to broadcast a live cardiac CT examination. The full program of this edition of RBB Praxis can be found here. Most important time slots of the video in the media library of RBB are the introduction of the patient (at 5:19 min), the live CT scan (at 10:07 min), and the evaluation of cardiac CT results (at 33:16 min). The DISCHARGE trial can still include patients. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions!

ECR 2017


March 2017

Our group was involved in seven session at ECR 2017 which was a marvelous meeting organized by Paul Parizel from Antwerp. Further images can be found here.

rsna news

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March 14, 2017
RSNA News discusses the recent results of our study by Napp et al. on a pre-MRI questionnaire to help identify patients more likely to develop claustrophobia.

group picture second day of CTIR 2017c


March 2, 2017

The Clinical Trials in Radiology (CTIR) sessions were running the third time already at ECR 2017  with great success. Pictured on the left are speakers, discussants and moderators of the second CTIR session on March 2nd.



February 17, 2017

Today, the DISCHARGE Trial Group met in Copenhagen for its annual meeting and was joined by the External Advisory Board.

Cindy Chew 5/25/11 Dr. Rebecca Bindman-Smith, a radiologist and epidemiologist at UCSF, has researched ways to minimize radiation harm from screening tests, such as CT scans and mammograms.


February 14, 2017
We will have our international speaker meeting on tracking and optimizing radiation dose for CT on March 6th, 2017 from 10 until 12 AM. The international speaker is Professor Rebecca Smith-Bindman, who will be giving talks about the Partnership for DOSE  and the STONE trial. Please contact Christine Germershausen in case you are interested to attend.


Dewey_Michallek 170207sFebruary 7, 2017

Congratulations to Florian Michallek who completed his dissertation about fractal analysis of myocardial perfusion by MR imaging with summa cum laude.




January 2, 2017

The BIOQIC consortium recently started to search for PhD candidates. Please check the website and apply if highly interested in one of the 15 PhD projects.

We are involved in the DFG Graduate Program BIOQIC which addresses quantitative imaging of biophysical parameters. Please contact us if you are interested to learn more.


December 2016

The RSNA 2016 Essentials Talk Handout is available here.

Copyright: Menlo College


November 25, 2016

In parallel to the start of RSNA, Radiology published the article by our former tennis champion and first author Adriane Napp (see picture on the left) about the prediction of claustrophobia during MR imaging.


f1October 29, 2016

Today‘s print edition of The BMJ includes the print abstract of the CAD-Man study. Also, the video abstract of the first CAD-Man study analysis is now online and on the article website.




October 28, 2016

The first analysis of the CAD-Man study was published by The BMJ. This analysis of the CAD-Man study showed that in patients with atypical symptoms suggestive of coronary artery disease, CT safely deferred invasive coronary angiography with no increase in long term events.




October 14, 2016

High-quality supervision of doctoral candidates is pivotal also because of the potential of a European doctorate. Today, BMJ Open published the original research article of Elif Can on supervisors’ perspective on thesis projects. We believe that true scientific collaboration between doctoral candidates and their supervisors needs to be facilitated by medical faculties and graduate programmes.




August 10, 2016

Today European Radiology published the meta-analysis of Malwina Kaniewska on the assessment of cardiac function by CT showing its potential for comprehensive analysis.



July, 2016

Starting this month the new online portal for applications to pursue a sub-internship in radiology started. The PJ team leader in radiology is happy to answer any questions in this regards. Thank you!



July 19, 2016

Today, European Radiology published the work by Florian Michallek as the first author on fractal analysis of myocardial perfusion by MR imaging.



July, 2016

Professor Marc Dewey was elected by the professors working at Charité to become a member of the Charité Faculty Council.


Source: Ärztekammer Berlin
Source: Ärztekammer Berlin

June 3rd, 2016

The Berlin Medical Journal reports in an editorial about the combination of personalised and evidence-based medicine in the DISCHARGE trial.



downloadMarch 31st, 2016

The BMJ published a comment by us and Professor J. Dodd from Dublin on the ICMJE proposal on data sharing.



March 2-6, 2016

Three members of our working group presented their research projects during the ECR 2016 in Vienna, March 2-6.
Dr. Sarah Feger presented her scientific work with focus on patient acceptance of coronary CT at two scientific cardiac sessions: “Patient satisfaction with coronary CT angiography, myocardial CT perfusion, myocardial perfusion MRI, SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging and conventional coronary angiography”, and “Acceptance of combined coronary CT angiography and myocardial CT perfusion versus conventional coronary angiography in patients with coronary stents“.
Dr. Gianluca de Rubeis and Viktoria Wieske presented their topics, “DISCHARGE trial pilot study: Image quality and protocol adherence results”, and “CoMe-CCT: CT angiography versus Agatston score for diagnosis of coronary artery disease”, respectively, during this year’s Clinical Trials in Radiology session



February 22nd, 2016

Today we had our perspectives meeting on pre- and posttest probability estimation. Professor Harold Sox was our special guest and provided interesting insights from his perspective as the editor of the book Medical Decision Making (2nd edition, 2013).



February 19th, 2016

Dr. Gianluca de Rubeis received the certificate for being the first doctoral graduate of the DISCHARGE project during the meeting in Budapest.



January 15th, 2016

We will have our perspectives meeting of the working group on pre- and posttest probability estimation on February 22nd, 2016 from 9 AM until 2 PM. As a special guest, the former editor-in-chief of the Annals of Internal Medicine, Professor Harold Sox, will be joining us and give two talks during the meeting. Please contact Christine Germershausen in case you are interested to attend.


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January 14th, 2016
Today, Nature published a correspondence by Professor Dewey on research training and plans for a European medical doctorate. Please feel free to comment, discuss and share with colleagues.


Cover page Deutsches Ärzteblatt
© 2016 Deutsches Ärzteblatt

In its Christmas issue the German Medical Journal published another comment by Professor Dewey on the German medical doctor with an extensive evidence-based reference list including all publications on this topic.






January 4th, 2016
Sarah Feger and Florian Michallek joined the research team as full time members.
Both have recently completed their medical studies with ‘very good’ in the final state exam and already published first authorship publications, see here and here.
Congratulations and welcome as full-time members of our research team








November, 2015
Dr. Maria Bosserdt and Dr. Melanie Estrella joined our research team as full-time study assistants.
They will be working on the DISCHARGE project (www.dischargetrial.eu).
Welcome to our team!




Congratulations to Fabian Stenzel who completed his dissertation with magna cum laude on October the 9th 2015.



September 24th, 2015

Gianluca de Rubeis, who stayed with us with Erasmus funding, completed is degree at his home university, Sapienza, based on the great work he did with us. Congratulations!


August 2nd, 2015

We will have our next perspectives meeting on laboratory values to be analyzed as part of the CAD-Man study on September 14, 2015 from 9 AM until 2 PM in the Seminarraum Experimentelle Radiologie. Invited guests will be Dr. T. Keller from Frankfurt and Dr. R. Ziebig from Berlin.

July 1st, 2015

Sarah Fegers publication on patient satisfaction with different cardiac imaging tests has been published in the July issue of European Radiology. Congratulations!


28 May 2015 -Article about the DISCHARGE project

Heike E. Krüger-Brand from German Medical Journal (Deutsches Ärzteblatt) reported in a 1-page article about the DISCHARGE project and the upcoming study. Please find the full text to this publication (in German) below.






Congratulations to our colleague Ahmed Shaban on the new addition to his family.Heartfelt wishes for his little girl. Ahmed Shaban will be in a paternity leave for the next two weeks.


Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-06 um 11.07.51

The Executive Board of the International Society for Strategic Studies in Radiology (IS3R, www.is3r.org) has unanimously and enthusiastically elected Professor Marc Dewey as a member of the society’s Young Leaders Club on April 28, 2015.

Sarah Fegers publication on iterative reconstruction for visualisation of coronary arteries has been accepted by PLoS ONE on March 30, 2015.

Robert Haase presented the methods of the DISCHARGE trial during the late-breaking clinical trials session of ECR 2015 in Vienna on March 4.

Marc Dewey has been selected by ECR 2017 President Paul Parizel to become a member of the Progamme Planning Committee on February 15, 2015.

The DISCHARGE annual meeting took place from February 11 until 13, 2015 in Berlin. Over 70 investigators from 19 countries gathered in Berlin to discuss the start of the DISCHARGE pragmatic randomized controlled trial as the core of this EU funded project.

Marc Dewey gave the highlight lecture on cardiac CT developments at the Deutsche Kardiodiagnostiktage on January 16, 2015.




Cardiac CT has been published in its second and almost entirely revised edition including chapters by over 40 authors by Springer on September 1, 2014.


Petra Kozma presented her experimental results on coronary plaque imaging using computed tomography at the 100th meeting of the RSNA in Chicago on December 2, 2014.



Elke Zimmermann has been selected for a Rahel Hirsch research scholarship on August, 10, 2014.