Robert Haase
2020, Cardiac Surgery Resident, Diagnosis of coronary artery disease using CTA in stable chest pain patients: individual patient data meta-analysis

Franz Schneegaß
2018, Physician now at Anesthesiology

Sarah Feger
2020, Dr. med, Patient satisfaction with coronary CT angiography, myocardial CT perfusion, myocardial perfusion MRI, SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging and conventional coronary angiography

Laura Elzenbeck
2020, Medical student

Andreas Kofler
2020, Dipl. Mathematician, Neural Networks-based Regularization for Inverse Problems in Medical Imaging, now Postdoc at PTB

Malwina Kaniewska

Malwina Kaniewska
2018, magna cum laude M.D. thesis, Noninvasive evaluation of global and regional left ventricular function using computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging: a meta-analysis. Now working at USZ.

Sophia Röhling

Elif Can
2019, MD, Supervisors’ perspective on medical thesis projects and dropout rates: survey among thesis supervisors at a large German university hospital

Adriane Napp

Adriane Napp
2019, magna cum laude M.D. thesis, Analysis and Prediction of Claustrophobia during MR Imaging with the Claustrophobia Questionnaire: An Observational Prospective 18-month Single-Center Study of 6500 Patients, now at lab of Angelika Eggert.


Felix Sokolowski
2019, magna cum laude M.D. thesis




Fabian Stenzel
2015, magna cum laude M.D. thesis

Judith Enders
2014, summa cum laude M.D. thesis


Robert Röhle
2014, summa cum laude M.Sc. thesis


Georg Schütz
2014, magna cum laude M.D. thesis



Felicitas Richter
2013, summa cum laude M.Sc. thesis



Hans Hoffmann
2012, magna cum laude M.D. thesis


Daniel Peukert
2010, magna cum laude M.D. thesis


Dirk Schnapauff
2008, magna cum laude M.D. thesis