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Charité Prof. Marc Dewey’s research group focuses on radiology, non-invasive cardiovascular imaging as well as general medical imaging – from experimental research and technical developments over clinical studies to outcomes research including cost-effectiveness, meta-analyses and clinical decision support systems.

Our working group receives funding from the German Research Foundation through the Heisenberg Professorship Program. The main scientific vision of Marc Dewey’s Heisenberg Professorship is to span the divide between technical, molecular, and functional aspects of cardiovascular imaging and evidence-based medicine.

We plan to further advance non-invasive cardiovascular imaging in the future by technical developments based on image segmentation, dose optimization, and quantification. For this, the extended collaboration between radiology, cardiology, physics, biology, mathematics and computer science is intended. If you are interested in working with us on these ambitious projects, please do not hesitate to make contact.




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Research Projects


BIOphysical Quantitative Imaging Towards Clinical Diagnosis.




Priority Programme for the investigation of coronary flow.
Radiomics: Next Generation of Biomedical Imaging

(C) Dr. F. Michallek

Fractal Analysis

The DFG-project “Fractal Analysis” driven by Prof. Dr. Marc Dewey and Dr. Florian Michallek as well as the Mercator Fellowship Professor Kakuya Kitagawa.


Training – Skills, Knowledge

The scientific activities in the Department of Radiology cover a broad spectrum of highly interesting research areas, from basic research and clinical trials to topics ranging from molecular imaging to interventional radiology.

The broad spectrum of special clinical topics at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin provides an excellent basis for solid and comprehensive training programs at the Department of Radiology.

In addition to the regular clinic-internal meetings of the radiology department (case presentations, morbidity & mortality conferences, presentation of scientific projects and results, safety briefings, strategic discussions, etc.), a 45-minute advanced training course for our physicians in continuing education takes place once a week.

The training has been in existence since 2003 and will be offered additionally from September 2013 in the form of a curriculum relevant to specialists, specifically weighted according to radiological sub-areas, with a total of 99 defined topics. The curriculum can thus be completed by assistant doctors during the specialist training period slightly more than twice before the specialist examination is due.

The training is usually conducted by specialists and senior physicians, taking into account their special expertise (note: many of our clinic’s staff are recognized speakers at national and international congresses).

The advanced training has proven its worth for several years and now takes place at all three camps of the Charité.

Our Trainings


The doctoral college of the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin offers students and doctoral students of the Charité an extensive and free offer of student tutorials on basic skills of scientific work and is at the same time a non-binding contact for general questions about doctoral studies.

The tutorials are:

  • conceived and implemented by the student staff of the doctoral college 
  • evaluated by the participants
  • supported by a scientific advisory board

The doctoral school was founded in 2003 by Prof. Dr. Marc Dewey with the aim of continuously improving the situation of doctoral students at the Charité as well as the quality of scientific doctorates.

To this day, our goal is to pass on experiences and advice from doctoral students to other doctoral students, and we consider it a challenge to promote the exchange of knowledge and encounters between these doctoral students.

Find out more:

Cardiac CT Hands-on Course

Cardiac CT Course

There have been dramatic technical advances in computed tomography for imaging of the heart and particularly the coronary arteries. During the course participants will train with 100 cardiac CT cases of invasive angiography correlation. Also, overview lectures on patient preparation and scanning, as well as Image reconstruction and reading will be given.

Participants of our course (maximum enrollment of 20) are becoming familiar with the new options of state-of-the-art cardiac imaging and expand their skills through practical exercises during 5 days on their dedicated workstations.

The course information can be found here:

Prof. Dr.

Marc Dewey

About – Prof. Dr. Marc Dewey

The founder and head of this radiological research group.

A short curriculum vitae of Prof. Dr. Marc Dewey can be viewed here.

The Crew

Our Team

Team Dewey consists of an interdisciplinary team of scientists (mathematicians, computer scientists, biologists) and clinicians (radiologists, nuclear medicine specialists, cardiologists) working side-by-side at Charité in Berlin on noninvasive cardiovascular imaging research. Using the following graph you can get to known all team members.

Prof. Dr. Marc Dewey
Prof. Dr. Marc Dewey

Position: Group leader and radiologist
Interests: Badminton, hiking
Abilities: Motivating, collaboration

Ricardo de Macedo

Position: Prof. Deweys Assistenz

PD Dr. Elke Zimmermann
Position: Head of Emergency Radiology
Interests: Diagnostic Radiology, Cardiovascular Diagnostic
Abilities: Kayaking
Dr. Matthias Rief
Position: Staff radiologist, Section Chief Computed Tomography
Interests: CT
Abilities: Certified study coordinator
Dr. Melanie Estrella
Team Lead & Project Management
Position: Project Management DISCHARGE
Interests: Clinical Trials
Abilities: Coordination
Clinical Trials Team
Dr. Maria Bosserdt
Team Lead
Position: Project Management in DISCHARGE
Interests: Hiking, Travelling
Abilities: Graphical Displays
Eser Isler
Dr. Eser Isler
Position: MD/PhD student
Interests: Yoga, Boardgames, Series
Abilities: Python
Elisa Iwan
Dr. Elisa Iwan
Position: Doctoral Candidate
Interests: Bass Guitar, Travelling, Sports
Daniel Preuss
Position: Physician and medical doctor´s candidate
Interests: Research in CT-Perfusion, Photography, Road biking
Dr. Julian Pohlan
Dr. Julian Pohlan
Interests: Infectious diseases, Inflammation and Imaging
Abilities: CT-guided interventions
Mahmoud Mohamed
Mahmoud Mohamed
Interests: Music, Dancing, Horse riding
Abilities: Statistical learning
Bohdan Pryplotskyi

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Katrin Stoyanova
Katrin Stoyanova
Medical Student
Interests: Dancing, Singing and Playing the piano
Abilities: Fluent in three languages
Dr. Florian Michalles
Dr. Florian Michallek
Team Lead
Position: Physician, clinician scientist
Interests: Pathophysiological modeling, perfusion
Abilities: Radiology, programming
Nader Aldoj
Position: Medical Engineer
Interests: Dancing
Abilities: Programming
Federico Biavati
Federico Biavati
Position: MD/PhD Student and Physician
Interests: Scuba diving, cooking, reading, technology
Abilities: Tech-savy, fluent in three languages
Meta Research Team

Further information:
Grants: DFG/BMBF COME-CCT project

Viktoria Wieske
Viktoria Wieske
Team Lead, Physician
Position: Physician at the Department of Radiology
Interests: Research in Cardiac CT
Abilities: Sports, Travel, Hockey, Golf, Reading
Maria Coenen
Position: Physician, Doctoral student
Interests: Reading, Nature, Animals, and Psychosomatic Medicine
Abilities: Quality Assessment of SRs and MAs
Benjamin Kendziora
Position: Physician
Interests: Reading, sports, music
Abilities: statistics in meta-analysis, programming with R
Ann-Sophie Tietz
Anne-Sophie Tietz
Position: Assistant dentist & doctoral student
Interests: Traveling, Sports (Fitness, Skiing), Cultural events, Food
Abilities: To be empathetic, ambitious, reliable, creative
Heli Stier
Heli Stier
Medical Student
Position: Doctoral Candidate: Conflicts of Interest
Interests: Scuba Diving, Cooking, Tech & Informatics, Traveling
Abilities: Nurse
Dr. Christian Wald
Dr. Christian Wald
Team Lead - Heart
Position: Mathematician
Interests: Deep Learning
Abilities: Parkour
Dr. Steffen Lukas and Prof. Dewey
Dr. Steffen Lukas
Team Lead Radiomics - Mathematician
Position: Experimental radiology
Interests: Farmer, dancer, captain
Abilities: Dipl. Mathematician
Nader Aldoj
Team Lead - Tumor
Position: Medical Engineer
Interests: Dancing
Abilities: Programming
Bernhard Föllmer
Bernhard Föllmer
PhD Student
Position: PhD Student
Interests: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Futsal, Travel
Abilities: Programming, passionate “Maker”
Graduate Program
PD Dr. Elke Zimmermann
Team Lead
Position: Head of Emergency Radiology
Interests: Diagnostic Radiology, Cardiovascular Diagnostic
Abilities: Kayaking
Alina Muskala
Position: Tutor
Interests: Sports
Abilities: MiS for Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution.
Gvantca Gulua
Gvantca Gulua
Position: Promotionskolleg
Interests: Photo, Video and Audio editing, opera singing and singing in general, jazz dance
Catherine Caridia
Catherine Caridia
Position: Medical Student
Interests: making the Promotions Tutorials digitally accessible to Students
Abilities: ICU Nurse, BA Humanity
Vivienne Salow
Position: Promotionskolleg Tutor
Interests: Animals and good food
Zhiyang Wu
Position: Doctoral Candidate
Interests: Swimming, Snowboarding
Abilities: Mass spectrometry, Proteomics, nucleic acids (cloning)
Shari Navakumar
Position: Tutor
Interests: Psychology
Antonia Berz

Position: Medical Student

Moritz Gross
Position: MD/PhD Student
Interests: Music, Theater, Speciality Coffee
Abilities: Medical Image Analysis, Machine Learning, Image Segmentation
Simon Andrzejewski
Simon Andrzejewski
Position: Doctoral candidate
Interests: Motorcycles, Music, CrossFit, Surfing


In Touch with everybody

Several sources of information are available about what we do to ensure public interest, outreach to society, and impact of our research efforts. Some selected links to media reports can be found below.

Artificial intelligence in radiology

What do patients, doctors, radiographers and AI developers say? The answers are finally here, from our @BerlinUAlliance Project with @gersch_martin, Birgit Beck from @TUBerlin, Jenny...

International stroke day

On the occasion of the international stroke day, Dr. Eberhard Siebert from Neuroradiology has provided a blogpost about imaging and...



Out of Campus Research

The working group members are not only curious explorers of medical imaging. Other kind of exploration we do looks like this…



Our German speaking patients who would like to get more information about what we do and how to participate in our cardiovascular imaging research, please feel free to contact us.


Our German speaking patients who would like to get more information about what we do and how to participate in our cardiovascular imaging research, please feel free to contact us.


More information about participation in the 19-countries DISCHARGE trial can be found in the 4-min videos for patients about this European project and is available in 14 languages on the DISCHARGE website, e.g. in English and German.


The Charité Radiology programme has been granted the Certificate of excellence.

The institution provides an advanced training program of subspecialisation and research in accordance with the ETC (ESR European Training Curriculum) with all the modalities of imaging available. We are incredibly proud to have contributed to this award.

Noninvasive Cardiovascular Imaging Research Group

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Radiology Department 
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Email: assistenz.dewey(at)

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